When Reagan Was A Democrat He Had It Right

Over 60 years ago Ronald Reagan was a Democrat; a man who championed fair employment practices and veterans benefits. A man who debunked the idea that higher prices were caused by higher wages but in reality were caused by bigger profits. A man who exposed the tax reduction bills passed by Congress were aimed to help the higher income brackets alone and how the cuts to federal school lunch programs deprived children of their lunch milk. What happened to that man?

During this time the 80th Congress was led by Republicans. President Truman named this 80th Congress “The Do Nothing Congress.” Sound familiar? History does repeat itself. Today, only 15% of the American people approve the job performance of the 113th United States Congress. Perhaps it’s time to change the hiring process. A blog I follow (Mind of Mully) designed a Congressional Job Application. I think it should be adopted.


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